Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I'm Still Here!

Four score and seven years ago I posted my last blog entry...sorry. Here's an update on what's been baking/happening since the Cards won the World Series.

Don't be alarmed, we did not grow actual mustaches for this party. Although, I must say, we look quite distinguished.

This party involved a lot of "BYOB-ing", manly movies and equally manly posing. See above.

Next we have...


Holy crap, I haven't updated this blog in a long time.

Short and sweet, I'm limiting this to a couple Christmas decorating parties. Including something I learned of recently, "Christmasing" or, the act of going around spreading your Christmas cheer by singing carols loudly and off-key while wandering the streets of The Hill.

Aaaand next up we have:


Kathy's birthday was in January, I celebrated by baking and then proceeded to turn her desk into a dessert table. Because who needs their desk at work? No one. Not when it could potentially be filled with cupcakes.

In case you didn't notice, I like pink. I'm forcing my love of pink on to everyone else. Unless you're a boy. I won't force you to like pink, but I will still think you're manly if you do.


First of all, who doesn't like the movie Tangled? Anyone? I thought not. These were really fun to make and I'm just going to assume they were fun to eat. Although I'm told assuming does some horrible things to both me and you.

Pascal, I love you. I'm just saying. If I could have a pet, I'd want you. Or a dog. Either way I'm happy.

Complete Randomness:

 Almond Vanilla Cupcakes. With Buttercream Frosting. And White Chocolate Shavings. Oh my god. I don't eat cupcakes...which is weird, I know. But I love these.
 I got a Cricut Cake for Christmas. It's amazing. It does things like this --->>>>

I make these cupcakes alot. They taste like Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Seriously, they do. They're not good for you, but they're good FOR you. If you know what I mean. Spiritually, emotionally, astrologically.

It's not for fighters, it's for lovers. Or for Hallmark to make some money. Either way, it involves me baking.

 I made this wreath. I think it's so neat that I actually kept it up on my door until last week. Time to make a new one.

<--- Heart Shaped Rice Krispie Treats on a stick. That means love. It also means my coworkers got to eat.

Chocolate Wine. It sounds so delicious, I wished I like sweet wines, but I don't. So, I made chocolate red wine cupcakes. They were so amazing that I forgot to take pictures.                    -------------------->

 (minus the tea of course)

Cake Balls...or as the were called by the darling Addison below "Cannon Balls"


 Was I ever this cute? I hope so. Anyway, we weren't serving small children for dessert, but we did have mini cheesecakes and brownies.
 We also had ice cream. And some other stuff. But mostly we had adorable little girls who banged on the piano for awhile. And did funny things like Just Dance 3 improv, running around screaming, hugging everyone and wearing comfy clothes.

 The hostesses. And Melissa. She counts because she stayed overnight.
By far my favorite photo of the day. :)

Ok. I'm starting a new entry for the rest of my photos, because this is a lot of scrolling for one person to handle. I'll be right back.

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