Monday, April 11, 2011

The Princess Will See You Now

In honor of the DVD release of Tangled (awesome movie), I decided to throw a Princess PJ Party at my house.  I managed to squeeze 12 adult women into my living room which is a feat in and of itself. (Tiny living room).  Pajamas were required and the first thing to greet the guests was a Knight in not-so-shiny armor.  Then everyone got some bling and a tiara to wear throughout the night.

Party Princesses
For dinner we had Turkey Lettuce Wraps, Spinach Salad, Hanky Pankies, Chips and Dip.

Adult themed beverages included Champagne and "Liquored up Lemonade"

Finally, my favorite part, desserts!  We had princess cupcakes, Princess Brownie Pops and Purple Sparkle Cake Balls.

Overall I think the party was a success and I base that on the amount of ladies singing along to the Little Mermaid.