Monday, May 7, 2012

Babies Everywhere!

This was a baby-filled weekend for me, with my little sister's baby shower AND one of my best friends brought an ADORABLE baby girl into the world.

I've been like Martha Stewart this past month getting shower stuff ready with three other ladies (Abby, Angie and Lisa) to make Betsy's shower perfect. I have to admit that we out did ourselves here, it was a travel theme (Cars, Planes, Trains, Trucks, etc) based off of their nursery. Here's a look at everything!

Ticket to the Party
Bring a Book Poem

Also included in the invites was a library card and envelope to put in the book you gave the baby with a little note.

Goodie Bags:
Goodie Bags
In each guest's "luggage" was  some candy, a hand-stamped spoon and a cupcake box. The goodie bag was used to take home leftover desserts and candy from the dessert table.

Spoon, Candy, Twine & Napkin
Cupcake Boxes

Hand Stamped Spoons

Luggage Tags

Guest Tables with Airplane Centerpieces
Diaper Motorcycle
"Dump Your Gifts" Table
Guess the Cotton Balls
Luggage Baby Crossing Sign

Dessert Table:

Finally, my favorite part!

This one wins for cutest dessert table I've ever made. Now all I want to do is outdo myself with something better! Luckily I have a bridal shower coming up that I'm baking for...

Vanilla-Almond Cupcakes
Champagne Cupcakes w/ Whipped Strawberry Frosting
Gum Balls and Chocolate Cake Balls
Almond Flavored Plane and Train Mints (courtesy of Mom)
Orange Cake Pops
Chocolate Banana Cupcakes
The whole she-bang
Dessert Crossing Sign (courtesy of Papa Rad)

A few quick side notes. I made orange cake pops for the first time ever, they taste like creamsicles. Make them. Eat them. Now.

I have the cutest pregnant sister in the world.

I think all pregnant women are cute.

All baby showers should have little kids in attendance. They are hilarious to listen to.

My dad is the best handy man in the world.

My mom is the most amazing mom and mint maker ever. All of my creativeness comes from her. No offense dad. My ability to change a headlight, check the oil and change the washer fluid in my car comes from you. All are equally as important.
Mom-to-Be and hostesses
Betsy & Missy's babies greeting each other :)
That's it! I have wedding cake balls to make in a couple of weeks, a party in June and a bridal shower in July. The excitement never ends!!!