Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cupcakes and Ice Cream and Cake Balls...Oh My!

Just about a month late...but as they say, better late than never.  That is what they say, right?

As usual...this post is all about desserts.  Above is the dessert buffet at our annual Valentine's Day Tea Party. We received the highest compliment from a two year old, who, when she saw the desserts just said "woooow..."

The Radcliffe ladies, minus little sister Betsy.  I'm pretty sure I'm smiling extra-hard to make up for her not being there.

The cupcakes were chocolate with chocolate chunks and vanilla icing tinted pink.  Sprinkles courtesy of one Miss Melissa Tull.  Here she is helping out at her very first Valentine's Day Tea Party.

 Next we have champagne truffles covered in powdered sugar along with red velvet cake balls dipped in pink candy coating.  Yum.

 Mini Cheesecakes with cherry topping made by my lovely sister Abby.

 This one is new, I got the idea from the Better Homes and Gardens website.  We actually had a lot of fun with these...sort of a Valentine's Day Tea Party version of a fortune cookie.  I printed out famous love quotes, everything from Peanuts to Shakespeare to Winnie the Pooh.  You roll the paper up and place it in a waffle cone along with some sprinkles and candy.  Dip the waffle cone in melted chocolate and place two meringue cookies (already 'glued' together with chocolate) on top. I was able to find the meringues from World Market so I didn't have to make them from scratch (whew).

We cracked them open during dessert time and everyone read theirs out loud to the group.  Corny but cute.

The whole gang!

 Another Valentine's Day over and done.  Next up, St. Patrick's Day, which you know will involve alcohol somehow.

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